jupiter flynn’s “Monster and Men”

Jupiter Flynn's new single "Monsters and Men" reflects her unique blend of music and emotion, with a new EP and music video on the horizon.

jupiter flynn, a youthful singer-songwriter hailing from Amsterdam, embarked on her musical journey by crafting brief piano melodies at the tender age of six. Her life’s path has led her through the vibrant cities of Tokyo, New York, Sydney, and Frankfurt, ultimately finding her artistic home in Berlin. Jupiter‘s musical creations exude a delicate, nimble quality that characterizes the indie-pop genre, juxtaposed beautifully with her smoky vocals and profound, coming-of-age lyrics, infusing her work with a captivating sense of warm depth.

In her most recent single, “Monsters and Men“, produced by Pola Roy of “Wir sind Helden”, the 19-year-old sensation delves into contemplation about the world that surrounds her. Her music straddles the realms of infectious danceable rhythms and the emotional turbulence of adolescence. The song grapples with pervasive fears and features a chorus that resonates like a reassuring mantra for those identifying as female on their journey home. Following the success of her debut album “Moon“, which garnered attention from Rolling Stone, Schall magazine, and frequent airplay, jupiter flynn is set to release a new EP in early 2024.

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