Glenn Thomas feels “Soft in the Mind”

The good things are in the present, and Glenn Thomas is quite aware of that - take a look on "Soft in the Mind"!

Glenn Thomas is a singer-songwriter whose music delves into personal truths and the human experience. Hailing from a small New England town, he crafts songs with a keen eye on self-discovery and life’s cyclical nature. Glenn‘s work has earned acclaim from both critics and fellow musicians, leading to performances alongside renowned acts like Edie Brickell and Langhorne Slim. He’s also gained recognition with his alternative-rock band, Wild Sun, featured in major publications and contributing to tribute albums. Currently based in Nashville, he’s working on his follow-up album to his well-received debut LP, “Reassure Me There’s a Window“, which dropped in 2020 via Palace Flophouse Records and garnered praise from Billboard and other outlets, with subsequent singles finding a home on Spotify playlists and SiriusXM.

Freshly new and alt-rock driven, “Soft in the Mind” is an upbeat, quirky song about losing focus. Glenn played and recorded all the instruments at his home studio in Nashville. On the idea behind the song he said, “I wrote this song which is about feeling loose in the present — which is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be good to get a little lost. We are so over-stimulated all the time it can be a challenge to prioritise our focus and keep it there“.

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