James Wyatt Crosby is “Ashamed”

Lazy and dreamy, "Ashamed" is James Wyatt Crosby's way to grab life by the balls and do something with it.

James Wyatt Crosby, a musician and recording artist residing in Tiny, Ontario, Canada, gained recognition with his 2017 debut album “Twins“, featuring the sleeper hit “Deep In Yr Mind“. The album earned critical acclaim and a place in Nerdist’s “25 Best Underground Albums Of 2017”; In 2018, his single “Lemonade (No I Never)” reached number 1 on CFMU-FM; His 2019 EP “Here We Are in Heaven” delighted fans with its dreamy melodies and sonic richness; In 2021-22, his music found new life through TV placements, and he released singles like “Shadow of a Ghost” and “Is There a Reason?“.
Now, after a pandemic-induced hiatus, James is gearing up for a January 2024 album release with singles including “Ashamed“, “For the Last Time“, and “The Watcher“.

On “Ashamed“, James Wyatt Crosby shares this indie rock track infused with psychedelic folk elements, delving into the intricate emotions of regret and shame. The song’s haunting vocals, poignant lyrics, and intricate guitar layers weave a captivating atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. It carries a strong undercurrent of self-awareness and the recognition of personal mistakes, intensifying its emotional resonance. The introspective and thought-provoking nature of the song offers a deeply relatable experience for anyone who has navigated their own struggles with shame and regret.

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