B.Miles’ “Backseat Lovers”

"Backseat Lovers" explores the paradox of silence when there is so much to be said.

New York artist B.Miles, acclaimed as a visionary by Ones To Watch and celebrated for her ability to articulate complex emotions by Refinery29, recently unveiled “Different Pages” on September 29, her first collection in three years. The album chronicles her quest to break free from societal expectations and seek her own happiness. Collaborating closely with her bandmates, who are also her best friends, B.Miles has cultivated a universally captivating live sound, earning praise for its enchanting melodies and headlining prestigious venues in New York, such as Bowery Ballroom and Baby’s All Right.

This new album sees her breaking free from conventional expectations, challenging the need for long-term relationships, secure jobs, and quiet neighborhoods while addressing societal pressures on women in their 20s and 30s. Going beyond the typical breakup album themes, “Different Pages” revolves around the bravery of self-examination and the willingness to take action for genuine happiness.
On “Backseat Lovers“, the first single out off “Different Pages“, is a musical ode to the kind of silence that speaks volumes, particularly within the context of a relationship’s conclusion. It revolves around the paradox of two individuals feeling simultaneously distant and intimately connected during this poignant phase.
About it, B.Miles told us: “This is a song I felt uncomfortable releasing for quite some time, but my bandmates encouraged me to not write scared. It’s a very honest song, it might verge on the edge of too much honesty.

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