TV People’s “Feel”

On their latest single "Feel", TV People explores emotional vulnerability and healing during personal turmoil.

Dublin-based alternative rock band TV People, known for their dark and gritty sound with punk influences, formed in 2019 and have built a strong presence in the Irish live music scene, performing at renowned venues like Whelan’s, Mike the Pies, and The Button Factory. They’ve collaborated with notable figures in the music industry, received support from various publications and radio stations, and showcased their talent at Ireland Music Week 2021. With a sold-out hometown show and upcoming releases including their second EP and UK/Ireland tours, TV People are poised to continue their rapid rise in 2022, with their single “You Were Loved” gaining recognition on radio.

Out since September 29, “Feel” serves as a poignant and sincere exploration of emotional suppression, vulnerability, suffering, denial, and eventual healing. It was composed during a deeply tumultuous personal phase, serving as a means to comprehend and navigate overwhelming feelings. The track offers insight into the experience of someone on a path towards self-improvement and inner harmony, by embracing emotional openness, vulnerability, and self-acceptance.

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