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"Eternity" is a blissful escape from reality, with sun-kissed harmonies painting a serene, colourful landscape.

Tom Powell, known as in the world of music, has made an impactful debut that will leave a lasting mark. With a musical journey that was practically destined, being the son of a cult record producer and writing songs since he was three, Tom’s evolution as an artist is evident. His debut album, “Eternity“, reflects his thought-provoking and open-ended approach to songwriting, seeking understanding and connection rather than definitive answers. Tom invites listeners to join him on a quest for resolution, a journey that can only be fully experienced through their own lived experiences.

Inspired by Black Mirror’s poignant San Junipero episode,‘s second single out off his upcoming album, the song “Eternity” vividly portrays a simulated utopia existing eternally in the digital cloud. This idyllic realm offers an escape from real-world concerns, enveloping us in a euphoric, technicolor existence. The song’s lush harmonies, bathed in sunlight, create a vast, beautiful landscape that envelops us in its serenity. The irresistible hook draws us in, providing a sense of security within this cloud-based sanctuary, where earthly worries become inconsequential.

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