Shipping Forecast’s “Wipeout”

"Wipeout" captures the essence of release, guiding listeners through waves to embrace fresh beginnings with its expansive soundscapes and minimalist melodies.

The Shipping Forecast came into existence in early 2023, driven by the aspiration to establish a sanctuary for the heartfelt music. The pressure to conform and the need for relevance had vanished, replaced by an unwavering commitment to authenticity. This vision swiftly evolved into a mission to produce an abundance of music, with a new song emerging every six weeks. Drawing inspiration from post-rock and the emo scene of their adolescent years, the creator sculpted the distinctive sound of the Shipping Forecast, influenced by bands such as Sigur Ros, Mogwai, and We Lost The Sea. Unlike most post-rock influences, the desire for a human voice within the music was paramount. Thus, the Shipping Forecast was born as a one-person endeavor, with invaluable support from a remarkably talented girlfriend who served as a photographer, videographer, and emotional anchor. The hope is that listeners will enjoy the music, recognizing the challenges of solo production but cherishing the journey they invite others to join.

Wipeout” is Shipping Forecast‘s latest single and it endeavors to encapsulate the essence of release. Through its expansive soundscapes, minimalistic melodies, and ethereal textures, “Wipeout” conveys a sense of embracing, guiding the listener through the waves to the other shore. Within “Wipeout“, a hopeful spirit resonates; it’s not about surrendering, but rather about embracing fresh beginnings.

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