Soft Loft’s “Rose Colored”

On their first release, Soft Loft's "Rose Colored" is able to grab us and make the world a little easier for a while.

Soft Loft represents itself as a sanctuary, a mindset, a lifestyle. A place where imperfections and vulnerabilities are not just accepted but cherished and honored. This Swiss band stands for inclusivity and egalitarianism. It’s the realm where reality transforms into dreams and dreams into reality, devoid of judgment. Vulnerability acts as the bridge to meaningful connections here. Anything is welcome, as long as it carries genuine emotion and natural fluidity. Overall, Soft Loft is a community of musicians committed to crafting nurturing environments through the power of sound.

Imagine a place where all your worries melt away effortlessly. Picture yourself dancing without even realising it, all within the confines of a rose-coloured house. In their first single, “Rose Colored“, from the upcoming debut album titled “The Party and the Mess“, Soft Loft delivers a vibrant soundtrack that invites you to revel in pure joy. This catchy tune exudes a sense of lightness and optimism, serving as a portal to a world where you can simply feel good.

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