Ramnäs brings the “Raver”

Ramnäs has teamed up with Soft Crystals for the interstellar sounding single "Raver" in a mix of spacey indie pop and funky soul.

Ramnäs is a quaint spot nestled amidst the serene woodlands of Sweden, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature. During his childhood, Marcello Romero frequently accompanied his father to a charming cottage that had been abandoned for nearly two decades, a relic from his father’s time living in Asia. Upon rekindling his connection with this place, Ramnäs embarked on a journey to gather musical instruments and transform his father’s house into a solitary musical haven amidst the woodland wilderness.

The renowned drummer (known for collaborations with Roosevelt, Boy, Betterov, Casper), and producer, debuts his EP with the release of the first single, “Raver“, showcasing a range of impressive collaborations. Drawing inspiration from the musical styles of artists like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Benny Sings, and Mocky, this psychedelic indie-groove composition captures the essence of that post-breakup period when the initial rush of adrenaline wanes, leaving room for the gradual onset of sorrow. The track is further enriched by the ethereal vocals of Scottish Soft Crystals singer Matthew Morris.

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