The Unforgettable Echoes of “Voicemail” by Carli & The Dark

Echoes from the Past, Melodies for the Future. Meet Carli & The Dark!

The raw, commanding vocals of “Voicemail” are the kind that ensnare a listener’s attention from the very first note, immersing them into the vast world of indie rock, pop, and alternative folk. This track, which debuted some time ago, still resonates strongly, standing side by side with its companion single “Ghost“. Both tracks epitomize the magnificent prowess of an emerging artist, hinting at a promise of great future releases by Carli & The Dark.

“Voicemail” stands as an audacious testament to vocal prowess and artistic innovation. Its gripping vocal intensity immediately draws listeners into a realm where indie rock, indie pop, and alternative folk harmoniously coexist. The singer-songwriter’s essence is evident and compelling, with every note and lyric demanding attention. Notably, the track intriguingly diverges into two distinct musical journeys halfway through; the initial allure evolves into a more sombre, melancholic atmosphere, yet remains equally enthralling. This audacious and brave masterpiece showcases a musicality that is both daring and deeply moving, offering listeners a unique, unforgettable experience.

The track is an odyssey through a spectrum of emotions, each note reflecting Carli’s personal journey. Starting in the crowded, breathless space of a Manhattan subway and climaxing in a cathartic release in the midst of Times Square, the song encapsulates an experience of profound grief and personal rediscovery. Carli’s artistry shines as she divides the song into two distinct parts: an invigorating beginning and a melancholic yet equally captivating end. The lyrics “you would love this song I found” tie the narrative together, paying homage to a lost loved one while highlighting Carli’s newfound purpose as a songwriter.

One of the most powerful details in “Voicemail” is the inclusion of gang vocals featuring Carli’s immediate family. Though added later, this element adds a layer of warmth and comfort, wrapping the song in an embrace of collective healing and love. It’s audacious, it’s bold, and it’s a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the therapeutic power of music.

About Carli & The Dark

Carli & The Dark is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based artist, Carli Naff. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Carli originally ventured into the Big Apple as an actor. It was amidst auditions and a challenging vocal injury that she discovered her penchant for songwriting. With inspirations ranging from Fleet Foxes to Big Thief, her music seamlessly intertwines elements of indie folk reminiscent of iconic artists like Angel Olsen, Mitski, and Phoebe Bridgers. Overcoming adversity, both physical and metaphorical, her tracks are heartfelt tales spun from personal experiences, and “Voicemail” stands as a testament to her undying passion and skill.

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