Evolving Soundscapes: Meet DROELOE’s newest “The Art of Change”

The Melding of Pop Ballad and Electronic Brilliance

At the heart of “The Art of Change” lies a seamless blend of a poignant piano foundation, echoing the tranquillity and crescendo of life’s rhythm. Its first half envelopes listeners in an aura of calm, focusing on the track’s serene build-up and melody’s capability to grow. However, it swiftly transitions into a realm where electronic intensities play alongside potent vocals. Drawing inspiration from Chet Faker and San Holo, DROELOE (already featured here) delivers surprising elements that manifest in unique and captivating instrumental overlays. The second half emphasizes a grander impact, accentuating the growth of electronic elements and the main vocal.

The Art of Change” is a gorgeous track and a glorious experience. Through DROELOE’s innovative use of recorded voice memos, listeners travel back and forth in time, with the artist engaging in conversations with different versions of himself. Reminiscent snippets from audio cassettes and journals weave through the track, fostering a myriad of emotions from resolution to fearlessness. In collaboration with artist Funi, these memories are given life through fifteen unique animated ‘worlds’ – allowing fans a multisensory exploration of the song’s narrative.


DROELOE, or Vincent Rooijers, paints vivid stories of life’s ups and downs with a masterful blend of sounds and visual art. As a producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, he offers perspectives channelled through an intricate sonic and visual kaleidoscope. His signature style is a testament to introspective reflections intertwined with real-life moments, beautifully capturing the dichotomy of chaos and order. This “Unexpected Odyssey” showcases his unmatched ability to transcend boundaries, making him one of the most unique artists of his time.