Draumr’s “Slowly Burning Feelings”

On his latest work, Draumr appears naked and vulnerable before us, surrounded in a synthesised mist of downtempo and dream pop.

Draumr, meaning ‘dream’ in ancient Norse, is the creative endeavor of French musician, producer, and director Gabriel Cheurfa. His work combines captivating visuals reminiscent of Lynch, Gondry, Dalí, and Jeunet with a unique musical fusion of dream pop, downtempo, glo-fi, and chillwave. Drawing from both real and distorted memories, Draumr constructs a bridge between dreams and echoes of the past. His debut album, “Drawn-Out Daydream” (2020), immerses listeners in a composite universe that feels intimate and authentic. Songs like “Sage Green Eyes“, “Solace In Loneliness“, and collaborations with French pop singer Dorcas offer a dreamlike escape from modernity.

After the success of his previous single “In A Daze” which garnered 100K streams on Spotify and 40K YouTube views, Draumr is back with a new dreamy pop ballad titled “Slowly Burning Feelings“. This heartfelt track explores themes of attachment, vulnerability, and the quest for connection and, serving as a soothing love anthem, it blends hope with an understanding of life’s complexities and the uncertainties that accompany our choices and the passage of time.

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