Pilgrimage Years – The Size of a Year

Meet Pilgrimage Years and their power to make you dream around modern post-rock.

Singing about the length of a year, when time seems to pass too fast and we cannot longer control it might sound like an ambitious effort. “The Size of a YearPilgrimage Years‘ latest track and the title track that marks the introduction to their debut album, is a gorgeous post-rock meets pop-rock anthem that collides a long and gorgeous introduction with a super meaningful indie rock spacious and dreamy hit.

The track is a mesmerizing and ethereal masterpiece. That is a fact for us. It pushes the boundaries of alternative rock within a tapestry of expansive soundscapes and gentle atmospheres that transport listeners into a realm of daydreams. There is a beautiful interplay of warm and lush guitars, guiding the jazzy drums on a captivating journey, while meticulously honoring song structures to create space for the serene and soothing vocals that gracefully float atop a vast sea of sound. And the highlights are obviously the gorgeous guitar work, immaculate production and attention to detail. The songs seamlessly blend together, creating a cohesive and immersive experience that evokes a grateful feeling, as if embarking on an endless musical odyssey that never dulls or loses its overwhelming impact on the listener.

About Pilgrimage Years

Pilgrimage Years are a Swedish four-piece band hailing from Orebro, creates a captivating blend of psychedelic rock, dream pop, and folk that defies genre boundaries. Led by frontman Kole Drop’s emotive vocals and songwriting, the band’s lush soundscapes, soaring melodies, and intricate arrangements draw listeners in with a sound that is both innovative and timeless. Inspired by a diverse range of influences, Pilgrimage Years crafts dreamlike and otherworldly songs that explore themes of love and loss.

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