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Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica. This is electromental – part 25.

Borey – Maradona

Introducing a brand-new track that perfectly captures the essence of classic chillwave fused with eclectic independent electronic genres, ranging from retrowave to IDM. Crafted by a gifted independent producer, this musical gem is dedicated to the legendary Armando Diego Maradona, brilliantly encapsulating the vivacious spirit of the iconic football rockstar. An authentic retro-wave beats that not only celebrate Maradona’s unmatched skills on the field but also his zealous embrace of life to its fullest. A true auditory tribute to a legend, this track promises to resonate with both fans of Maradona and aficionados of genre-blending electronic tunes. This is “Maradona” by Borey.

Matthew Fordham – Turbulence Resisted

Presenting “Turbulence Resisted” the newest release from the innovative talent of Seattle’s own, Matthew Fordham. A masterful blend of the familiar and the novel, this track encapsulates Fordham’s unique craft, where traditional acoustic elements meet a futuristic electronic vibe. Dive deep into the seamless union of piano, guitar, and pedal steel against a backdrop of synthesized beats, evoking reminiscences of giants like Four Tet and Bonobo. While many electronic tracks tend to stick to familiar territory, “Turbulence Resisted” breaks the mould, introducing a plethora of refreshing elements that set it apart. Experience a balanced dance between trance-like rhythms and evolutionary progressions, akin to an almost Tron-esque journey, yet one that feels undeniably organic. Catchy as hell the more you turn to it, just give it a chance!

PARCS – Wait!

PARCS, a dynamic ensemble previously celebrated for their two outstanding EPs are set to charm audiences with their latest summer sensation, “Wait!“— marking their inaugural release under the Phwoar & Peace label. Drawing inspiration from the lively realm of disco, “Wait!” radiates pulsating four-to-the-floor drum beats, rhythmic synths, and a compelling bass line, all combined to produce an infectious melody. The track delves deep into the alluring pursuit of fleeting pleasures, even in unwarranted places. Notably, the track signifies the collaborative magic of Elly and Kristy in lyrics and vocals, while Liam and Joe’s substantial contributions have played an instrumental role in the song’s production and songwriting. Conceived from a rudimentary drum and synth loop in a rehearsal space, the song soon evolved into a captivating groove. As PARCS ventures into this novel musical facet, they’ve ensured the preservation of their signature dreamy, synth-laden aura, albeit enhanced with bolder and more luminous sounds. The track attained its final polish with vocals recorded under the adept guidance of Richard Jackson, who also mixed and mastered it.

Stature – Instate

Stature was back with a fresh release, “Instate” an impeccable amalgamation of the UK’s rich electronic heritage and contemporary flair. Drawing inspiration from the nuanced minimalism of artists like Fourtet, “Instate” blends the rhythmic intricacies of garage shuffle with exhilarating synths, culminating in a track that radiates feel-good vibes. It’s more than just a song; it’s a meticulously crafted experience, designed with the intent of eliciting powerful reactions from its listeners. With half a decade under his belt, Stature’s dedication to refining his artistry is evident. Delving deep into the realms of electronic beats, progressive 2-step, and synth-infused garage, this new track is a testament to his evolution as an artist and his commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

Train Conductor feat. REIGHNBEAU – Life of a Little Bee

Presenting “Life of a Little Bee” the latest experimental electronic track by Train Conductor is set to captivate listeners in a transcendent auditory journey. This composition transports its audience through a dreamlike realm, intricately weaving reverb-soaked synthesizer elements against the backdrop of a pulsating trance beat. Notably, the main melody and snare enthrallingly drop at the 1:25 mark. Designed to immerse its audience completely, the creators intentionally chose to forgo vocals, amplifying the song’s ambience. The brilliance of this Train Conductor collaboration with REIGHNBEAU, radiates throughout the track. Their unique creation emerges from the depths of New Mexico’s vast landscapes, where the whispers of desert winds and silhouettes of towering cacti inspire their artistic endeavours. This track is a standout from “Geodesic” an album birthed from the genius of Albuquerque’s Will Byrne, known as Train Conductor.

Most of these tracks (and previous tracks featured in Electromental) are also in our Spotify Playlist: