Neighbourly’s “Java Fever”

On the antechamber of their forthcoming album, Neighbourly present us this sexy, groovy masterpiece!

Vancouver Island’s Neighbourly, formerly known as SPEAK EASY, is a four-piece band that creatively blends psychedelic freedom with pop and funk influences. The group, consisting of Oliver Sandberg (guitar/vocals), Scott Sparrow (percussion), Lauren Giorgio (bass/vocals), and later Latham Reader (guitar/vocals), shifted towards experimental funk, indie pop, and psychedelia in 2022. Their evolution is evident in tracks like “Wake Up” and “Whoopsies“, where “Wake Up” exudes optimism akin to sunrise, and “Whoopsies” reflects self-forgiveness and presence. Their style took another turn with “Follow Us“, incorporating Italian lyrics for a fresh touch. Set to release their debut album in October 2023 via Earth Libraries, the album showcases their diverse influences and collaborative songwriting approach, embodying the essence of musical camaraderie.

Known for their unique fusion of psychedelic pop, indie rock, and funk, Neighbourly has gained recognition from Canadian radio and media after releasing the first singles from their upcoming self-titled record.
Their sound aligns with the vibrant West Coast indie scene. The band’s lateste single, “Java Fever“, written collaboratively, spotlights the bassline and captures their live energy. The song anticipates the group’s forthcoming record, set to release in October 2023 via Earth Libraries, showcasing each member’s songwriting strengths across eight tracks. This debut album reflects their intention to embody “neighbourly” values and embraces their diverse musical influences.

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