Meet Highline and why they sound like Indie Rock’s Next Big Phenomenon

Through "Exit A" they capture both past and present of Indie Rock

Exit A” by Highline encapsulates the essence of indie rock in a manner that’s both contemplative and retro, yet bursting with energy. From the opening notes, there’s a sense of nostalgia that transports you back to classic rock eras, seamlessly melding with the freshness of modern indie vibes. It exudes a spirit reminiscent of bygone days when vinyl records spun tales of love and rebellion, but at the same time, it never fails to keep you grounded in the now, with its vibrant beats and pulsating rhythms.

The standout quality of “Exit A” is undeniably the exemplary vocal prowess on display. This is not just any indie rock vocal — it demonstrates a caliber that’s only within reach of the true greats of rock vocalism. Every word, every note seems to emanate from deep within, culminating in a soul-stirring ballad that genuinely lulls the listener. And the deeper one dives into the layers of this track, the more profound it resonates, appealing to those seeking both surface-level enjoyment and a more introspective musical journey. Given Highline’s rapid ascent in the Australian music landscape, with sell-out shows and remarkable streaming milestones, it’s no wonder that “Exit A” serves as a mouthwatering prelude to their upcoming debut full-length album in 2024.

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