Alex Siegel’s new alt-pop gem “Trulyyy”

Blending alternative pop with the pulse of commercial beats, this is part of a new era in emotional connection.

In the new sonic landscape of “Trulyyy” there is a harmonious blend of alternative pop and commercial sound, reflecting the purest essence of emotion and connection.

Trulyyy” is a testament to Alex Siegel‘s musical prowess, blending the perfect equilibrium of alternative pop with the catchy undertones of commercial sound. It’s smart in its composition – circular and captivating, ensuring listeners are entranced from start to finish. Every note resonates with beautiful electronic flows and mesmerizing synth-like hooks, all culminating in an ambience that’s at once delicate and intense, fragile yet addictively compelling. Gorgeous and fragile but also mainly intense and catchy. Alex’s voice, a sublime blend of beauty, calm, and magnetism, never rushes or deviates from its soothing nature, yet remains consistently melodious, captivating the listener in its hypnotic embrace.

The track emerges from the collaborative project “Ghost Laundry” borne out of the musical synergy between Alex Siegel and Raays. It’s more than just a song; it’s an invitation – a call back to our hearts, urging us to connect with our loved ones through every stage of love, life, and even death. Ensuring that no sentiments are left unvoiced, every lyric and melody of “Trulyyy” invoke profound emotion, wich in turn produces a natural resonance with its audience.

About Alex Siegel:

From being an English tutor in San Francisco’s Chinatown to inadvertently making waves in the bedroom pop underground of Youtube and Soundcloud in 2018, Alex Siegel‘s musical journey is nothing short of serendipitous. Boasting 25M+ streams across platforms, his music touches hearts globally. His recent LP “Courage” saw a feature in Tower Records Tokyo and he’s showcased his versatility by opening for artists like Bombino and Vieux Farka Toure. Collaborations with Tokyo-based artist THE CHARM PARK and tours spanning 17 US cities, including significant venues like Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, mark his vast accomplishments. But what sets Alex apart is his genuine connection to music – recording all parts himself and embedding raw emotion into every song. Whether he’s supporting Jim James or playing at the iconic Red Rocks, Alex Siegel is a name that embodies musical authenticity.

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