Tuva Finserås’ “Row” is here

The journey never stops and neither can we - "Row" makes us look forward and accept the past.

Tuva Finserås, hailing from Nesodden, Norway, is a versatile artist who encompasses roles as a film composer and multi-instrumentalist. Initially making her mark as a musical talent in Melbourne, she eventually journeyed back to her homeland following an enriching stint of almost 5 years Down Under.
Categorizing Tuva‘s music proves to be a challenge, as she deliberately sidesteps conforming to any specific style. Rather, she thrives on the art of experimentation, seamlessly weaving together diverse elements from various genres. This penchant for exploration, however, doesn’t obscure her distinct sonic identity, which remains consistently evident throughout her body of work. Tuva‘s vocal prowess has garnered descriptions ranging from ethereal to delicately fragile.

Tuva‘s most recent track,”Row“, presents a folk-infused melody accompanied by an otherworldly resonance. Drenched in cinematic allure, this composition captivates listeners with its breezy vocal delivery, distinct sonic landscape, and introspective verses.
The essence of “Row” lies in embracing the release of attachments. It encapsulates the triumph of bravery over familiarity, embarking on a quest for liberation and self-discovery.

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