“Flesh It Out”: A Sonic Odyssey

Proteins of Magic's Captivating Journey from Innocence to Introspection

“Flesh It Out” by Proteins of Magic delves deep into a mysterious and dark ambience, all while being elevated by the sheer power of the vocals. The track beautifully merges elements reminiscent of ANOHNI and St. Vincent, striking a harmonious balance between post-rock and alternative rock. Notably, the drum work is exceptionally crafted, oscillating between intense bursts, periods of silence, and subtle rhythms, creating an atmosphere that is both intense and ethereal. The instrumental components, paired with an infectiously catchy chorus, envelop the listener in a sonority and vibe so compelling, it’s impossible not to be entirely consumed by it.

Originating from a spontaneous jam in front of a fireplace in Nashville, “Flesh It Out” captures the raw immediacy and essence of a fleeting memory from the beaches of Aotearoa, New Zealand. The track unfolds like a life journey over a decade, condensed into just under three minutes, providing a narrative that contrasts youthful optimism with the complex emotions that emerge over time. The musical arrangement, encompassing haunting synths, delicate piano, and nuanced vocal textures, reflects this transformative journey from innocence to introspection. Accompanied by a raw, day-in-the-life music video shot in Nashville, the song epitomizes the distinctive creative spirit of Proteins of Magic, juxtaposing memories from Aotearoa with the vibrant present of Tennessee.

About Proteins of Magic:

Proteins of Magic, helmed by the prodigiously talented Kelly Steven, defies straightforward categorization. This musical venture, living in the expanse of the Gothic realm, marries the drama of art pop with the haunting essence of post-punk, all brought to life with vocals that seem to emerge from another realm. Living between Auckland and Nashville, Tennessee, Kelly is not only an auditory artist but also a visual one. She meticulously crafts the visual representations of Proteins of Magic through an inventive blend of claymation and digital art. On stage, Kelly’s presence is both singular and magnetic. With an air reminiscent of icons like Nina Simone, Björk, and Patti Smith, she delivers profound existential poetry against a rich backdrop of vocal harmonies, flutes, and keys, all seamlessly interwoven with her pulsing bass guitar. Beyond her solo endeavors, Kelly has an illustrious musical history, having played bass for prominent NZ bands such as Dimmer and Voom and collaborating in the duo Punches with James Duncan.

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