Aji is looking for his people!

From the comfort of his home, about the discomfort of his heart - Aji's "Gotta Find My People" is truly warming and relatable.

Aji, based in Brisbane, creates musical compositions from the comfort of his home. He have an upcoming EP and album slated for release within the year. In addition to his personal work, Aji takes on the role of producing dreampop and shoegaze tracks for the Australian band SGO. The inception of this endeavour was driven by Aji‘s desire to delve into a diverse array of musical genres. The forthcoming EP, set to launch this year, is a captivating exploration of 70’s-esque songwriting, the fusion of jazz elements, chamber pop melodies, and a touch of psychedelia-infused soft rock.

Drawing inspiration from jazz fusion and psychedelic influences, Aji presents a brand of pop characterised by introspective lyricism reminiscent of Toro y Moi. His latest single, marking the final release preceding Aji‘s debut EP, unveils yet another facet of their production and songwriting prowess, destined to set listeners in motion on the dance floor. Titled “Gotta Find My People“, the track seamlessly navigates through multiple key transitions, intricately woven together with the accompaniment of flute melodies, acid-jazz synths, and Aji‘s tender vocal delivery. At its core, the song encapsulates the longing to connect with those who truly comprehend and wholeheartedly support one’s journey in surmounting life’s obstacles.

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