“Still the Same” by Scott Fisher

Change is important but it feels really good when you reconnect with your past and notice that things are not that different.

Scott Fisher, known for his unique blend of jazz, rock, and indie music, is preparing for the release of his upcoming album “Kingdom of Ego“. Originally from Portland, he now resides in Los Angeles, transitioning from live performances in clubs to producing music for TV shows like Shameless, Parks and Recreation, and Better Call Saul. Fisher‘s music, influenced by diverse cultural backgrounds, ranges from piano-pop to classical piano and 70s psychedelic rock. His latest album showcases his artistic versatility and indie style, marking a significant addition to his over two-decade-spanning musical journey.

Now, Scott Fisher proudly introduces “Still The Same“, the third single from his upcoming album “Kingdom of Ego“. The song is a straightforward indie rock track reflecting on aging and life’s transformations. With a spacious melody and silky vocals reminiscent of Steely Dan and Kurt Vile, the song features a disco-inspired guitar riff that evokes early Bee Gees vibes. Co-produced by bassist Tim Lefebvre, the track’s relaxed summer feel pairs well with Scott Fisher‘s captivating vocals and the rhythmic foundation by drummer Jeff Anthony. “Still The Same” encapsulates the enduring nature of timeless friendships amid life’s changes, demonstrating Fisher‘s loyalty and celebrating the core essence of those we rely on.

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