From Personal Growth to Global Impact: The Journey of Tom Hogan’s Latest Single

A new folk gem in town. Meet Tom Hogan.


Every day we grow a little. Whether it’s in knowledge, the notion of what we want, that obstacle we thought impossible to overcome, or even sideways, after several plates of good food and long days where we didn’t want to move and just wanted to fulfil that old wish that had remained locked in our drawer.

It’s inevitable: we have dreams, ambitions and desires of what we want to be… or not be. Along the way, we suffer disappointments and supreme happiness and we return to the main word as our starting point: we grow up – and we look back with a sense of fulfilment, with that typical smile of someone who has just thought “My God, I was such a fool ten years ago, how naive”.

From Tomás to Tom, from Lisbon to Sydney, today we’re travelling with Tom Hogan and his latest single, I Don’t Deliver Anymore. Stay with him.

Tom Hogan is a multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, Australia. His desire to always learn more and better guides him towards one of his most ambitious projects: to be a successful artist, where people can see themselves and feel his art as a part of them. He is obsessed with myth and authenticity, with a great curiosity for literature and other storytelling traditions.

Alongside music, Tom is a theatremaker, podcaster and composer, with his work being recognised in galleries and festivals around the world.

And it’s with this little introduction of growth, willingness to learn (and teach) and to be more and better that we come to I Don’t Deliver Anymore.

Its marvellous and different beginning brings us right to the start of this small and irreverent experience of just over four minutes: a hiccup, coupled with an explanation of what the artist is going to do next. And suddenly we’re attentive, focussed on what Tom has to tell us. The beautiful, unique, positive rhythm, half pop, half indie-pop or indie-rock, with positive drums in the background and a dreamy guitar + piano, his voice tells us a story about the time we waste thinking about A, B or C, what we’ve grown up to and all that is yet to come with what we’ve already been through in our lives.

It’s a song made by an artist, but it’s made up of a part of all our lives. A hymn to what we’ve done, what we have to do and what’s to come. A WtMM recommendation.

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