From funky pop to distinctive happiness, meet Tonal Graffiti

The fourth release of the year from this unknown project might get you in the right mood!

Ready for a really good day? There’s a song that might get you there.

I’m Happy” by Tonal Graffiti showcases a delightful convergence of funky pop elements, underpinned by a smooth organ-based flow that sets the mood right from the get-go. The track doesn’t just stop there; it tastefully incorporates instruments like a saxophone that adds a jazzy flair, a deep bass that grounds the composition and echoed background vocals that give it a dreamy aura. The good pop production ensures the chorus stands out, resonating with an infectious happiness that listeners would find hard to resist.

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Tonal Graffiti, although quite new to the indie pop scene, releases “I’m Happy” as their 4th single this year, following an impressive line-up of four singles the previous year. There’s a beautiful pattern of repetition in the song that is perfectly disrupted by the vocals, crafting a unique pop mosaic that feels genuine and heartfelt. This new indie pop vibe the band has embraced isn’t overwhelmingly commercial, but it resonates with positivity, ensuring it strikes a chord with those longing for some feel-good music in their playlists.

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