Introducing ‘Never Change’: Mildfire’s Bridge Between Cultures

Let's never change this track? Meet Mildfire.


It often seems like a complicated word to say. A feeling of guilt and anguish for having failed something or someone we love and care about.

We fail because we are human and because we have different opinions and ways of looking at life. Often, in order to get our way, we throw around unreasonable, meaningless or abrupt words, which can be misinterpreted by other people.

But it’s in the midst of these contortions that we live and grow into our true selves. Knowing how to apologise, and how to say that you’ve failed is, more than the failure itself, a noble and pure act of realising that you’ve failed and that you need to correct that mistake.

Today we take to the stage between Oslo and Berlin – and it’s with the Mildfire project that we learn to know how to fail, to recover our Self and to apologise when necessary. Meet Never Change.

Never Change is the first single from the band that is divided between the capital of Norway and Germany. The experiences, the people, the countries: we’re talking about two totally different cultures, with a traditional flair for different, irreverent music, be it folk, pop or indie-pop.

This single brings up the concepts of forgiveness, unconditional love and the desire to understand and not to lose focus of ourselves and our mental health as we make our own way.

And the melancholy settles into us with every snippet of the song: we feel like we’re dreaming, with a very dreamy instrumental, at peace with ourselves and those around us. The angelic vocal part helps us calm our souls and all the stress we’re under: we’re ready to forgive and see our problems in a different way, ready to embrace our new selves.

We’ve apologised and been apologised to, it’s time to move on in search of even more inner calm – and Mildfire have brought us that: a sense of hope, a willingness to go the extra mile and to smile. A very promising band that we hope to hear more of in the future.

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