Juki P2 found a “New Dimension”

Juki P2's latest single is modern, addictive and extra-dimensional - "New Dimension" opens the doors for future the of pop!

In her new solo venture, Juki P2, Swiss-Mexican singer-songwriter Pamela Méndez delves into House Music and Chicago Footwork, collaborating with producer Tim Walsh (The Stepkids). Conceived in New York prior to the pandemic, this project seamlessly marries pop song structures with the production intricacies of House and Chicago Footwork, resulting in a captivating sonic fusion. The debut single, “Off We Go“, has already been unveiled through the esteemed London dance label, Moveltraxx. Further establishing her musical identity, Juki P2‘s inaugural EP, titled “New Dimension” is set to release on September 15th via Méndez’s own label, Promote Love Records.
The EP, preceded by its first single released on August 21, symbolically embodies the convergence of elements, where Psychedelic RnB converges with a European take on Chicago House Music. Méndez’s lyrics consistently engage with societal themes, weaving a sense of futuristic nostalgia throughout her compositions. Notably, the pandemic provided an opportunity for Méndez to personally immerse herself in the world of Chicago Footwork dance and music style, further enriching her creative journey.

Moving to the single itself, “New Dimension” serves as the lead track from Juki P2‘s debut EP. The title encapsulates the EP’s essence, capturing the amalgamation of diverse musical influences. Combining Psychedelic RnB with a European interpretation of Chicago House Music, the song becomes a sonic tapestry that speaks to both tradition and innovation. Méndez’s lyrical depth shines through, addressing societal concepts with a futuristic undertone. The song will mark the emergence of this unique musical endeavor, while the EP’s full release on September 15th promises a more profound exploration of Juki P2‘s artistic landscape.

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