denn.’s latest is “rottenteeth”

This track explores general problems and how to not turn your back to them, even if everything seems peaceful and perfect.

Hailing from Trumbull, Connecticut, denn., an artist anchored in the vibrant embrace of New York City, channels profound emotions and personal struggles into his musical narrative. With an artistic compass pointing towards indie and alternative realms, including folk and pop, he weaves a tapestry that resonates with his own journey through melancholy, the trials of love, heartache, and the scars left by emotional and physical turmoil. In the annals of December 17th, 2020, he unfurled his inaugural piece, “control“, a composition that struck a resonant chord and ignited a chorus of resounding acclaim.

Three years later and dancing to an uptempo melody, “rottenteeth“, denn.‘s latest composition, skillfully weaves together a tapestry of sorrowful verses that revolve around seeking solace in a partner to shield oneself from internal strife. The track paints a poignant yet exquisite portrait of this juxtaposition. Within its notes, denn. masterfully encapsulates the heartrending experience of finding fleeting respite from life’s burdens while entwined with a cherished soul. The cocoon of distraction they craft forms a paradoxically serene realm, yet within its serenity, the shadows of unresolved troubles loom large, growing even more formidable with each passing neglectful moment.

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