Laundry Boys and their new “Praise You”

Sit down, breath in and out and let the washing machine do its thing. This is the latest from Laundry Boys!

Embracing the moniker Laundry Boys, this endeavor emerged as the grand liberation scheme set to emancipate two kindred spirits from the shackles of musical mundanity – a daring escape from the clutches of conventions, genres, and confining formats. Yet, their ultimate aspiration was to craft melodies that would reverberate harmoniously within their own souls, unburdened by the constraints of streaming statistics or commercial predilections. As the cusp of summer dawned, they unfurled their inaugural opus, “Drunk On Love“, a herald of the impending EP extravaganza titled “Yatzy Music Vol. 1“. And now, as the curtain rises on the next act, the eagerly awaited sequel “Praise You” takes centre stage.

Praise You” emerges as an unequivocally hook-laden symphony, outshining even its predecessor and unveiling an uncharted facet of the duo’s sonic voyage. Much akin to the sonic canvas of “Drunk On Love“, it paints with the hues of down-pitched vocals reminiscent of Houston’s Chopped N Screwed realm, interwoven with the threads of psychedelic guitars and the reverberations of soul-stirring synthesizers. Yet, a novel spark ignites with a pop-infused chorus that ensnares hearts with an irresistible grip.
Praise You” stands as the final prelude before the grand unveiling of the EP as it prepares to cast its musical spell in its entirety.

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