Royal Canoe’s Mesmerizing Dive into the “Worm”

A sonic journey decade in the making.

From the very outset, “Worm” by Royal Canoe featuring Dill the Giant weaves an enchanting aura, alluring listeners with its shimmering synth-based progression. As the notes unfold, a mysterious voice rises, harmoniously guiding us into the heart of the track. It’s not long before the rhythm embraces us with its catchy chorus, which, like a siren’s call, becomes nearly impossible to resist. Paired with an eccentric animated clip crafted by Mimi Stop Motion and the band’s own Matt Schellenberg, the spirit of the song is vividly brought to life, fostering an even deeper connection to its essence.

Bridging the gap between genres, “Worm” is a brilliant embodiment of Royal Canoe‘s prowess at blending sounds. The track flawlessly marries psych rock with the rhythmic nuances of R&B and hip hop. The poetic, incisive lyrics, delivered with a touch of spoken word, gradually merge with Dill the Giant’s alternative rap, creating a harmony that’s as experimental as it is modern. Nestled within their latest LP, “Vault (2011-2021)“, this track is but a glimpse into Royal Canoe’s treasure trove of unreleased B-sides and hidden gems from the past decade. As the Winnipeg-based indie-pop collective notes, this album is like a journey through their sonic diary, capturing significant moments from their musical journey. After the success of their last LP, “Sidelining“, released just a year ago, “Worm” promises listeners yet another immersive experience, echoing the band’s ever-evolving legacy.

Released already a year ago, this is a track that still resonates inside us, and for that reason, we had to give it a note here. You can listen to Royal Canoe’s latest songs here:

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