Kayls wants you out of the “Internet”

A reminder that our life is not inside a screen or made by zeros and ones - get off the internet!

Emerging into her next phase, this singer-songwriter based in LA, is currently introducing her latest EP, “Jasmine“, a tribute to the resilience she has discovered along her journey. Originating from the Midwest, Kayls initiated her musical voyage using a vintage multitrack recorder, guided by her grandfather—an accomplished guitarist who graced stages alongside legends like Sonny & Cher, Bobby Day, and Dolly Parton during the 60s. Crafting this EP coincided with a period of introspection for Kayls, a quest to unearth the inner tranquillity often sought externally. The creation of “Jasmine” became a pathway to self-empowerment, tranquillity, and the newfound confidence to heed her inner voice.

Today, Kayls is releasing her latest single, “Internet“. The song unfolds as a sweeping, poignant ballad, enveloped in a dreamy and unhurried ambience. Kayls finds herself haunted by the isolation that accompanies contemporary existence. While the internet possesses the ability to unite individuals across the globe, Kayls mourns its shadowed facet—the capacity to expose unsettling truths that lead us down a disheartening path. Through sincere verses and Kayls‘ genuine vocals, “Internet” emerges as a soothing antidote amidst the realm of superficial summer anthems.

The artist also told us that: “For better or for worse, society has been disrupted by social media. Our ability to connect with so much often leads to losing touch with our authentic selves and the people in our lives. My new song, “Internet” zooms in on the negative effects of this societal shift; being one with the internet. This song comes at a time when it’s incredibly important to consciously balance our human and artificial interactions on a daily basis“.

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