Glou-Glou wants you to “Let That Go”

Hazy and objective, this song is putting you in control of your own life. You just got to let some shit go!

Glou-Glou stands as the creative endeavor of Cam Hovsepian, a versatile artist proficient in multiple instruments, production, and the art of winemaking. Cam’s earlier venture, mAsis, might ring familiar, having amassed over 10 million streams on Spotify. His talent earned him accolades from renowned sources like KCRW, The BBC, The Fader, and Nylon, the latter lauding his vocals for their captivating blend of darkness and glistening melancholy. Now, Cam returns with his latest undertaking, Glou-Glou, a whimsical nod to the French term for the sound of liquid playfully dancing within a vessel. Continuing his family legacy, Glou-Glou crafts melodies as smooth as his own handcrafted wines. Cam draws inspiration from luminaries such as Bill Withers, Sade, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Paul McCartney, who have profoundly shaped his artistic direction for this venture—a fact for which we remain deeply appreciative.

Today, the Armenian descendant is releasing “Let That Go“, a contemporary R&B sweet delight that beckons with ease, never exerting excessive control. Cam’s pristine falsetto sets him apart from almost everyone in a sexy, mysterious tone. The song oozes a honeyed allure while retaining its structure, ensuring the spotlight remains on its flawless, dreamy and exciting pop production. Oh, and the guitar solo is effortlessly the best thing I’ve heard lately, so that’s that too.

About his latest single, Glou-Glou told us: “Life is filled with so many small momentary interactions that can end up lingering with you for hours or days or weeks. It can lead to harboring anxiety or anger and can take away from living in the moment. If the voice in my head played a soundtrack to combat all of that anxiety, stress, or anger, this is the song it’d be playing.”

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