Nia Nadurata’s new Pop Evolution

From Heartbreak Ballads to Bubbly Anthems: this is "I think i like your girlfriend"

Photo by Nathan Lau

Nia Nadurata‘s newest track, “i think i like your girlfriend“, exudes a light pop aura that metamorphoses effortlessly into a groovy vibe as the song progresses. The track’s vibrant feel is a perfect blend of dream pop elements, underscored by a compelling drum vibe that sustains throughout, lending a rhythmic constancy that entices the listeners. Nadurata’s vocals are nothing short of impeccable. She manages to encapsulate a modern pop aesthetic that remains chill, ensuring the vocal delivery feels genuine rather than overtly forceful. Her voice melds seamlessly with the unique, quirky lyrics, evoking intrigue and keeping listeners hooked. These elements converge beautifully in the track’s chorus—undeniably catchy and featuring a remarkable build-up each time it resurfaces. It’s the kind of song you could play on repeat for ages, and still, it wouldn’t lose its charm.

Drawing inspiration from her earlier heartbreak ballad, “drive faster“, Nadurata takes a bold turn with this bubbly, disco-inspired summer anthem. The narrative behind “i think i like your girlfriend” is intriguing, depicting an unexpected attraction towards her ex-boyfriend’s new love interest. The lyrics, while playful and peppered with witty jabs, reflect a deeper sentiment. As Nadurata herself explains, the track can initially be interpreted as a quirky retaliation against a hastening ex, but on a closer listen, it unravels as a supportive hand extended towards the new girlfriend, signalling the shortcomings of the man they both got involved with. Musically, Nia channels groovy inspirations akin to Dua Lipa’s “Good in Bed” and the playful tone reminiscent of Lily Allen and Olivia Rodrigo’s breakout hits. Echoing sentiments similar to Amy Winehouse’s “Stronger than Me”, Nadurata subtly urges her male counterparts to step up their game.

About Nia Nadurata:

From her early years, Nia Nadurata has always been geared towards performance. With a unique blend of soulful indie, pop, and R&B, her music encapsulates those tender, vulnerable moments that resonate deeply with listeners. Her tracks echo the times when our internal worlds either troubled or comforted us, meticulously crafting each song with her future audience in mind. While she has honed her craft behind the scenes, collaborating as a songwriter and vocalist with notable artists like Russ, Nonso Amadi, Amaal, Boslen, and Isaiah Peck, Nia is now gearing up to introduce her debut EP to the world.

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