Photo from "Guiding Hands" record by @forsounds(IG)
Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica. This is electromental – part 24.

Bloom Twins – “Drunk & Loud”

The dynamic pair of identical twins hailing from London is thrilled to unveil their latest empowering single, “Drunk & Loud“. This track, a collaborative effort with Sam Harris of the X Ambassadors who co-wrote and produced it, marks the inaugural release from the much-anticipated EP by the duo. Serving as a rallying cry for those who stand apart and don’t conform, the song exudes a celebration of strength and tenacity that emerges when the odds are stacked against. With echoes reminiscent of the timeless tale of David and Goliath, the Bloom Twins beckon to their audience, emphasising the boundless might harboured within the underestimated. In the “Drunk & Loud” music video, the spotlight is directed towards the urgent matter of the conflict in Ukraine. Here, the twins embody the personas of resolute Ukrainian young women who fearlessly challenge a group of Russian mob figures within the legendary Rapton boxing gym nestled in London. Drawing parallels to the style of “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, the video masterfully captures the unwavering resolve and solidarity exhibited by the Bloom Twins when confronted by daunting challenges.

ford. – “Everyday (Far From)”

ford.’s latest track, “Everyday (Far From)“, gracefully transitions from beautiful subtlety to a crescendo of power and intensity. Seamlessly combining elements of electronica, pop, and cinematic ambience, the track stands as an impeccable blend of production mastery that immediately captivates the listener. The sound design, deep-rooted in emotional resonance, encapsulates what can be described as one of the most beautiful pieces we’ve experienced this year. Drawing inspiration from musical giants such as Caribou and Jamie XX, Luc Bradford, the 23-year-old Grammy-nominated artist behind ford., intricately integrates live drums, strings, and an array of other textures, culminating in a sound that carries both warmth and emotive undertones he’s known for. Born in Paris and having lived across the globe, ford.’s newest album “Guiding Hand”, from which this track originates, is not only a sonic tribute to his late brother Parker but also a reflection of the varied influences and emotions he’s absorbed throughout his life. The album’s profound connection to Parker, who was a significant musical influence in Luc’s life, adds even more depth to “Everyday (Far From)“, making it a heartfelt masterpiece.

Kiefer – “August Again”

Kiefer‘s upcoming album, “It’s Ok, B ” set to release on September 22, showcases his return to solo beat-making, charting his path towards self-acceptance. The newly released track, “August Again” explores lingering emotions for an ex, complemented by an animated visualizer from Barcelona-based artist María Medem. While the album is instrumental, the track titles hint at Kiefer’s emotional journey from panic to self-doubt, eventually leading to optimism and self-assurance. Beyond his personal creations, including works on Stones Throw, Kiefer’s collaborations span from Carrtoons and Theo Croker to renowned artists like Drake and Anderson .Paak, earning him a GRAMMY for his contribution with the latter.

Mathien – “herb”

Hailing from Chicago, Mathien (also featured here) fearlessly explores the intricacies of the human mind and the resilience we possess to overcome challenges in his captivating track, “herb“. Unapologetically eschewing genre conventions, this multi-talented artist, songwriter, producer, and sound designer has been defying industry norms since 2002. With a trippy house beat infused with funky and tango influences, “herb” delves into the contradictions and paradoxes of our psyche. Mathien’s artistic journey took off with the success of his regional hit, “We don’t need to make love to know that we’ve got it” which paved the way for countless shows and a record deal with Midwest Music Group in 2009, leading to three impressive albums. After parting ways with MMG in 2013, Mathien embraced independence and continued releasing albums prolifically, leaving an indelible mark with hits like “Wurlitzer Crowley” and “Pass the Vino“. Beyond his prowess as a musician, Mathien’s versatility shines as a mixing engineer and film scorer. With a relentless drive to create art that transcends boundaries, Mathien’s “herb” embodies his relentless pursuit of artistic freedom, evoking a profound and soul-stirring experience for listeners.

Slowdaze – “6am”

6am” by Slowdaze, the alias of producer Alex Fish, is a collaborative track with Oblonn, inspired by the merging of Yuseef Dayes-style breaks and sampled sounds, creating a unique blend of multiple genres. The song captures the emotion of the morning after a night out, as two realities converge. Featured on the self-produced beat tape, “Gnossos Volume I“, this track represents an intersection of collaborations and is a testament to Slowdaze’s endeavour to balance perfectionism with creative expression, drawing influence from crate digging, film soundtracks, and artists like Jungle and Radiohead.

ZUSO – “Miss You”

Australian producer Gabriel Cuenca, under the moniker ZUSO (already featured here), presents his newest track “Miss You” which channels an atmospheric-house sound, reminiscent of renowned artists like Rufus Du Sol, Lane 8, and Tourist. “Miss You” is an introspective track, deeply influenced by Dj Seinfeld’s “These things will come to be”. This influence is especially evident in its voicemail recording sample, which enriches the song with added depth and dimension. Crafted to resonate deeply with listeners, the song’s soulful and evocative nature makes it perfect for introspective moments during late-night drives. Its dreamy, hypnotic groove invites listeners to immerse themselves completely, echoing ZUSO’s hope for his audience to not only enjoy but also get lost within its mesmerizing rhythm.

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