A Refreshing Summer Anthem Celebrating the Unwavering Bond with Mothers

From Zagreb to our ears. meet Miriiam and her latest single, "Mom Knows Best".


We are connected to her from a very early age. The umbilical cord connects us unequivocally for nine months.

And out of the blue, we are out here, with our Mum: the person who welcomed us for that long time – the most special person in our World.

And it is with our Mum that we listen, grow, evolve and smile: our Parents are unique and special beings who should make our whole life an (almost) fairy tale.

And it is with this fairytale premise that we meet Miriiam. Check out her latest work, “Mom Knows Best”.

Miriiam is the alter-ego of Mirijam Vukasin, a Croatian from Zagreb who unleashes all her extraordinary talent in the music she produces.

In 2021, she released her debut album Call Me Up, a record that mixes rock, indie-rock, pop and jazz in a different and irreverent way, unable to be ignored. Her voice is reminiscent of Florence Welch, but with a personal touch that makes her unique.

And it’s 2023 that begins to break ground for her new album: “Mom Knows Best” is the only sound we needed for this summer and didn’t know it. The music is fresh, different and so much fun to listen to. The fusion of jazz, storytelling and indie pop is so fun that it sticks to our ears. We can’t stop listening.

If our Mother know what is best for us, Miriiam hit the nail on the head with the sounds we needed for this time of year. A WtMM recommendation.

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