Johnny Cisneros – When I’m With You

When you think your love is gone, it tends to appear somewhere else, with someone else.

Johnny Cisneros, a psych-pop musician hailing from Los Angeles, is stepping into the spotlight with his very first solo endeavor, marked by the release of his debut single “Let’s Talk“, on June 18th. Cisneros‘ artistic ambition revolves around crafting a richly diverse musical realm, fusing elements of dream pop with the vibrant tapestry of Latin sounds. Through his effortlessly woven narratives and songcraft, Johnny delves into themes of self-discovery and his deep-seated Latin heritage. Drawing inspiration from both psychedelic rock and indie pop, Cisneros molds a distinctive auditory experience. His sonic palette offers a unique take on bedroom pop, melding the embrace of analog synthesizers with the ethereal strums of guitars.

Out today, his new single “When I’m With You“, talks about past and present. About the track, Johnny Cisneros told us that : “When I’m With Her is an exploration of the lingering effects of my past relationship to my current one. It’s about the internal conflict between holding onto memories and attempting to move forward, capturing the complexities of love, loss, and the difficulty of letting go to accept new love.

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