Wotts Unveils Captivating New Single “garden” as the Final Piece of Their Debut EP

Immerse yourself in Wotts' dreamy Indie Pop soundscapes

Canadian indie pop duo Wotts have unveiled their latest single “garden” serving as the final piece of their 3-track EP of the same name and marking their first cohesive project for listeners to immerse themselves in. In keeping with their signature blend of modern and retro influences, “garden” showcases a refreshing yet familiar sound, reminiscent of their previous tracks “blue” and “wheel” and is the perfect showcase for getting to know them as a new emergent band.

With a strong affinity for the 80s, Wotts has been recognized for its nostalgic vibes in previous works. However, the “garden” EP sees the duo venture into new sonic territory while still drawing inspiration from iconic influences like The Beatles, Men I Trust, and acclaimed author Paulo Coelho.

The track completes a trilogy of tracks centred around themes of life and mortality, delving into deeper emotional territory than their typical light-hearted approach. Jayem (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist) explains, “We usually like to keep things light, but for whatever reason, we had all these pent-up feelings about life and living that were bursting to get out. Maybe some people will be able to relate, maybe not, all I know is it felt good to get some of this stuff off my chest“. The song itself delves into the creative process as a refuge from the world, creating a sense of duty and escape for the artists.

Wotts‘ “garden” exhibits a dreamy yet grounded essence with a clear good feel and light vibe. Embodying a modern and wavy feel, the song perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer, offering an easy listening experience that hooks listeners from the first note. With a seamless transition to the first chorus, the track quickly captivates the audience and maintains its engaging momentum until the very end. Skillfully employing echoes and lo-fi elements, Wotts craftily etches their immediate appeal into the listener’s mind. The song boasts excellent instrumental variations, with the guitar taking centre stage, particularly in the second half, adding a captivating touch to the overall composition. Ultimately, the single, as well as the EP, represents Wotts’ musical evolution, sonically standing out from their previous works while retaining the underlying feeling of nostalgia and artistic pursuit that lies at the core of their creative journey.

About Wotts:

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Wotts is an indie pop duo comprising the multi-talented vocalist and instrumentalist Jayem, accompanied by the skilled bassist and guitarist, Ricky 100. The dynamic duo has been making waves in the music scene, gracing the stages of esteemed events such as BC Bluesfest, Canadian Music Week, and Junofest. Their artistry has garnered well-deserved recognition from a wide range of outlets, including CBC Radio in Canada, The Luna Collective in the U.S., Iggy Magazine in France, and Mystic Sons in the UK. With their captivating performances and unique sound, Wotts has been making a name for themselves, leaving an indelible mark on the global indie pop landscape.

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