Speak Easy Circus Thought-Provoking Message with “Gros Michel”

Unraveling the Dark Secrets of the Banana Industry through a masterful indie-rock meets everyting track.

Speak Easy Circus delivers a powerful and urgent message through their newest track, “Gros Michel” drawing inspiration from an unexpected source. While the song might initially seem to revolve around bananas, songwriter Jack Avison takes listeners on a thought-provoking journey into the exploitative nature of the banana industry and our role within it. With environmental issues taking centre stage in recent years, Avison delved into the dark dealings of corporations like La Chiquita, uncovering the unsettling truths behind this seemingly ordinary fruit.

Released about a week ago, with a launch party at the Old Hairdresser, “Gros Michel” masterfully intertwines a compelling narrative with a superb blend of guitar-driven hooks and funky drum-trumpets elements. The track opens on a high note that only intensifies as the song progresses, accompanied by great vocals that serve both as a storytelling device and an irresistibly engaging listening experience, eliciting head-banging in its wake.

The production of “Gros Michel” amplifies the loud and fresh indie rock feeling, offering a balance between a retro and modern sound. The track’s complexity and intricacies become more apparent with repeated listens, showcasing the immense talent behind Speak Easy Circus and making it a standout in a month filled with thousands of songs. Avison sums up the essence of the track perfectly, stating, “I was amazed and shocked that something people love – bananas – could be sold by companies that were so evil. And yet we still eat bananas.”

Beyond behind one of the highlights of a month where we listened to more than 3 thousand songs. their track effectively reflects the absurdity of the situation, becoming a catalyst for awareness and action, urging listeners to seek social and environmental justice.

About Speak Easy Circus:

Speak Easy Circus emerges as an unstoppable musical force, fearlessly pushing artistic boundaries and creating a truly distinctive sound that defies categorization. Hailing from the East End of Glasgow, this experimental indie/funk posse celebrates the strange and new, captivating audiences with their chaotic crescendos and eclectic overtures. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude and unpredictable flair, Speak Easy Circus takes pride in inspiring a diverse array of descriptions, ranging from “indie” to “jazz” and beyond. Their debut EP “Bravo Tango Charlie” garnered exciting comparisons to the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire, The Libertines, Vulfpeck, Frank Zappa, and Snarky Puppy, leaving audiences curious for more. The band’s unforgettable live performances and phenomenal brass section have solidified their presence in the Glasgow music scene, making Speak Easy Circus a breath of fresh air for those seeking musical curiosity and funky grooves.

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