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From all indie genres, Folk seems to have a special place in our hearts. We can't help to get back to folk songs when we look for some calm and inspiration. When we want to hope for a nice dream. Or when we are feeling in the mood for some very well told stories. As an honour to those feelings, this series is entitled TIFU (Today I Folked Up). Only folk songs from new folk artists. To let you and ourselves go.

Dan Barracuda – Ephemera (Lead Me)

For more than a decade, Dan Barracuda has established himself as a seasoned professional in the realm of music, venturing into a diverse array of projects that span multiple genres. These include rock bands, a captivating collaboration between silent films and live music, an electronic duo, tribute acts, and even an original rock production centred around the theme of dreams. Hailing from a Peruvian heritage, Dan’s passion for music flourished during his early years. However, it wasn’t until he delved into the depths of classic rock that he realized his true calling. While pursuing a Business degree at UMass Amherst, Dan found himself consumed by his musical pursuits, devoting a significant portion of his time to crafting over 3,000 musical ideas, often amidst and occasionally instead of attending classes. Composing songs has become an inescapable force for Dan, an artistic pursuit that holds him captive with unwavering fascination.

Ephemera (Lead Me)” is a track that was composed back in 2010, while the lyrics took shape a decade later. A key element that sets this track apart is the captivating presence of the acoustic guitar, which gracefully sets the mood from the very beginning. In the background, a beautiful string instrument adds depth and richness to the composition. The vocals, delivered in a half-whispered fashion, exude a captivating beauty. The song maintains a steady and semi-melancholic rhythm, never growing tiresome but instead entrancing the listener. What truly shines is the enchanting chorus, reminiscent of classic folk music, where even the piano makes its entrance, seamlessly blending into the melodic tapestry. “Ephemera (Lead Me)” is a testament to the timeless allure of acoustic instruments and the evocative power of well-crafted songwriting.

Danny Barwick – The Ant

Danny Barwick, a Melbourne-based producer, singer, and songwriter, mesmerizes audiences with his heartfelt, textural, and cinematic music. Armed with a jazz background and a degree in philosophy, Danny embarked on his musical journey, transitioning from being a sideman to focusing on writing and production. His remixes gained significant recognition, amassing over 5 million streams, leading him to release his debut EP, “Distance” followed by two experimental EPs. Seamlessly blending jazz influences, electronica, and narrative storytelling, Danny’s music showcases his unique artistry. In 2019, he relocated to a tranquil coastal town in northern New South Wales to create his debut album, “Iluka” a neo-classical folk masterpiece that showcases his mastery of acoustic instrumentation. Currently backpacking through Latin America, Danny Barwick continues to push artistic boundaries and enthral listeners with introspective and immersive compositions.

Introducing his latest creation, “The Ant“, Danny Barwick mesmerizes with a song born during his move to a small coastal town in rural Australia. The track encapsulates the yearning for something, believing it will solve everything, acquiring it, and subsequently being unsure of what comes next. With enchanting, melancholic tones and overwhelming musical growth that resonates within the listener, “The Ant” evokes shades of Benjamin Clementine and Leonard Cohen. The track opens with a dark and clinical piano that persistently commands attention until the emergence of Danny’s deep, angelic folk-infused vocals. Through this poignant combination, “The Ant” creates a captivating musical experience that lingers in the heart and mind.

Hattie – Nobody

Hattie, the brainchild of Melissa Kaitlyn Carter, a talented vocalist, songwriter, and audio engineer based in Brooklyn, carries a poignant backstory. The project is named after Carter’s great-grandmother, who narrowly missed boarding the ill-fated Titanic with her family due to one member’s inability to secure a ticket. Hattie’s debut EP, “Spells” set to be released in the summer of 2023, serves as an act of generational healing. It falls within the realm of sad girl indie, offering solace and catharsis to those seeking to transcend their sorrows.

Her latest single taken from the upcoming EP, is the evocative “Nobody“. A track that delves into the experience of falling in love, only to realize later that one’s own identity was lost in the process. This introspective indie folk ballad captures the essence of a failed romance born from a chance encounter on Tinder. Drawing inspiration from artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Hattie weaves compelling storytelling and production aesthetics to create an atmosphere of vulnerability. Through poetic lyricism and an intimate sound, Hattie invites listeners to lean in and connect with the raw emotions conveyed in the song. “Nobody” is a testament to Hattie’s artistry and her ability to resonate deeply with audiences seeking relatable narratives and heartfelt expression.

Horseshoes – Hide and Seek

Horseshoes, the moniker of Washington DC-based musician Austin Greaves, has been making waves in the indie-rock scene since the release of his debut album “Desert” in June 2022, followed by the single “Come With Me” in October of the same year. Now, the emerging Americana-indie rock artist is back with his latest song, “Hide and Seek” released at the beginning of the month. With a light overtone, the song delves into the theme of holding onto the past, referencing the fear of abandonment. Inspired by his playful relationship with his daughter, Horseshoes infuses a lightheartedness into his music, creating a charming blend of indie-rock and folk sound that resonates like a beautiful and luminous wave.

Hide and Seek” captures the dissonant interplay between fun and fear, much like the excitement and anticipation of a game. The track exudes a captivating and relevant indie-rock essence while maintaining a strong focus on storytelling. Drawing comparisons to acts featured in the film “Once”, Horseshoes showcases a piano-driven melody that blends seamlessly with the incredible and steady rhythm of the drums. The song’s nice indie-rock vibe radiates a beautiful luminosity, creating an enchanting musical experience that keeps listeners captivated from start to finish. With his unique ability to create music that strikes a chord with the heart and soul, Horseshoes’ “Hide and Seek” is a must-listen for anyone seeking a delightful and engaging indie-rock meets folk journey.

Sepalot Angela Aux – sun upside

Sun Upside” is a collaboration between Sepalot and Angela Aux, that effortlessly blends folk and electronic music, creating a mesmerizing sonic fusion. The track exudes a powerful aura, driven by deep, drum-based elements that add a captivating intensity. With its catchy hooks and jazzy undertones, “Sun Upside” leaves an indelible mark on the listener, slowly growing in its appeal over time. The song distils a cool, laid-back vibe, enticing the audience with its ability to transport them to a serene state of mind. Its tremendous production showcases a clever use of repetition, further amplifying its hypnotic effect. “Sun Upside” is a musical gem that showcases the seamless integration of genres and possesses the rare ability to captivate and enchant its listeners.

Taba Chake – Halfway

Taba Chake, a celebrated independent artist hailing from Arunachal Pradesh, India, possesses a remarkable talent for crafting songs that evoke feelings of hope, positivity, and wanderlust within his audience. His skilful songwriting and composition abilities have earned him a substantial and dedicated fan base. Taba creates music in various languages, including English, Hindi, Nyishi, and Assamese. His debut album, “Bombay Dreams” amassed an impressive 25 million streams on Spotify alone and has reached over 30 million streams across all platforms. Known for his captivating live performances, Taba Chake has become one of the most sought-after acts during the festive season of 2022-23.

Halfway” the latest release from Taba Chake, showcases his innate ability to effortlessly embody a folk-like essence while defying categorization. The track unveils tender vocals that provide a cathartic release, guiding the listener through a natural and captivating journey. With a strong emphasis on lyrical value, it transports listeners to distant voyages of the mind. The song’s brilliance lies in its seamless integration of vocal melodies, intertwining with Taba Chake’s distinctive voice, as well as the skilful incorporation of cultural elements and recognizable pop-folk layers, resulting in a mesmerizing sonic blend. Just when one thinks they have unravelled the track’s essence, it gracefully morphs, surprising the listener multiple times. A stunning Wes Anderson-esque vibe permeates the sonority and mood, further enhancing the enchanting experience of “Halfway

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