From//October is in “Somewhere Quiet”

Themed by the passage of time, "Somewhere Quiet" is both a mood and safe space to reminisce.

From//October embodies the ethereal charm of lo-fi indie music, skillfully crafted by the talented 24-year-old producer/songwriter, Dion Tiktak. With his unique blend of melodies, the artist based in the Netherlands artfully captures the bittersweet reminiscence of youthful moments while also embracing the transformative path towards adulthood.

Somewhere Quiet” is From//October latest piece and it delves into the introspective realm of navigating the mid-20s, where the realisation dawns upon you that you exist in a delicate balance between the stages of young adulthood and full-fledged maturity. Dion told us: “The song’s title serves as a metaphor for the warm, stress-free years of childhood, contrasting them with the uncertainties and pressures of finding your way through your mid-twenties“. This subject can be a bit hard and heavy on us but “Somewhere Quiet” isn’t a downer: “Somewhere Quiet is actually about all those struggles, but it also provides a positive outlook for the future. In the end, you will reach where you want to be!

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