Jonsjooel homages his Grandmother

Simple, intricate and painfully good, Jonsjooel's latest is an emotive tribute and a soundscape between Chopin and Massive Attack.

Jonsjooel, the immensely talented Finnish artist and composer, is eagerly preparing to unveil his long-awaited debut solo album, titled “Lullabies For Younger Self“, slated for release in 2023. Boasting a rich and diverse musical background, Jonsjooel weaves an experimental tapestry, drawing upon a myriad of genres and influences. His reputation as the front man of Lake Jons and his remarkable work in composing and producing for other artists have firmly established him as an exceptional and versatile musician.

The Finnish artist released his latest track on the middle of July and it pays a touching tribute to his late grandmother through a heartfelt instrumental single titled “Grandmother“. This emotional and beautifully crafted song reflects the deep bond between them, capturing the essence of their connection. The track serves as a testament to Jonsjooel‘s musical versatility, evoking powerful emotions as he expertly weaves together a melodic journey. Written as a labor of love on the day of his grandmother’s passing, “Grandmother” is infused with cherished memories and emotions, offering a poignant and heartfelt musical experience. The single showcases Jonsjooel‘s talent as a multi-instrumentalist, with all instruments performed skillfully by him. It was mixed by Totte Rautiainen and mastered by Andreas Lupo Lubich.

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