Echo Thrills and the love “Birds”

Sexy, dripping with passionate love and wrenched in falsetto, this is Echo Thrills latest single!

Echo Thrills is the creative vision of Oskar Jennefors, a talented artist hailing from Stockholm. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of genres, Echo Thrills conjures a captivating sound that reverberates with the essence of soul, disco, and psychedelic rock from the 70s. With distinct grooves, mesmerizing baselines, and playful psychedelic elements, Jennefors crafts a musical universe that is uniquely his own. Embarking on a fresh and exhilarating chapter, Echo Thrills marks a new beginning for Oskar Jennefors, eager to lead his audience on an exciting journey through his music.

Today, Echo Thrills is releasing “Birds“, a love song that captures the exhilaration of falling deeply in love with someone. The lyrics poetically liken the experience to the enchanting melody of birdsong. This soulful and disco-infused track is adorned with a hint of indie rock, creating a delightful musical fusion.”Birds” is the third single from the much-anticipated debut EP titled “Destination Utopia“, scheduled for release on 31st August. Embark on a musical journey filled with love and excitement as you explore the enchanting world of “Birds” and the upcoming EP.

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