Jessie Reid’s reflects on grief and hope on her newest track “Every Stranger”

An enchanting folk-pop journey that captures the essence of life's complexities

In Jessie Reid‘s latest track, “Every Stranger” she masterfully weaves a tale of processing and coming to terms with feelings of grief. Though the song exudes a ‘happier’ sounding vibe, it delves into the complexities of loss, whether through death or a breakdown of a relationship or friendship. Jessie’s gentle and almost-whispered vocals create a beautiful fusion of Folk and Pop, drawing listeners into an intimate and reflective journey. As the song progresses, her vocals become even more sensitive, particularly as it nears the impressive chorus and pivotal moments, adding an emotional depth to the track.

The song’s instrumentation is equally captivating, with Jessie showcasing her incredible guitar skills through a delicate fingerpicking technique. The guitar emerges with a mesmerizing touch, perfectly complementing the heartfelt lyrics and adding an enchanting layer to the song. Throughout “Every Stranger” Jessie’s melodious vocals and intelligent songwriting shine, creating an instantly accessible melody that captivates listeners from the very first listen. The clever use of the piano adds a touch of heartfelt balladry to the folk-infused track, enhancing its emotive power. The song gracefully evolves with subtle yet magical variations, ensuring it remains engaging and evocative, never becoming monotonous, but rather retaining its melancholic beauty. With a message of strength, positivity, and reflection on coping during tough times, “Every Stranger” is a melodic and beautiful track that provides both comfort and a sense of hope to anyone navigating the challenges of life. It is also the perfect embodiment of why we love Folk music so much.

About Jessie Reid:

Hailing from the UK, Jessie Reid has garnered enthusiastic support from tastemaker press and drawn comparisons to the likes of Lucy Rose, Memorial & Ben Howard. We included have compared her to both acts before (check here, here and here). Her distinctive percussive ‘laptap’ guitar style has earned her a dedicated following, with over 30 Sofar Sounds shows across three continents. Jessie’s musical journey includes main tour support for acclaimed artists like Night Flight, Sam Brookes, and Dan Owen, and she has shared stages with Seafret, Brooke Bentham, Bryde, and Ciaran Lavery, among others. With previous singles amassing over 6 million streams and accolades from BBC 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson, Jessie’s enchanting music continues to make waves in the indie-folk scene, making her a rising star to watch.

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