Tom Speight Shines Bright again with “Trick of the Light”

Captivating & uplifting,Tom Speight's newest release anticipates his third album.

Searching for the right Monday music? Well, Tom Speight might get you covered because he certainly did for us with his latest wonder “Trick of the Light“.

Released at the beginning of the month the track is the lead single for his third (!!) album “Love & Light“, the track will for sure stand out as a radiant pop gem in his musical collection. With the dazzling strums of acoustic guitars and Tom’s soaring vocals, the song exudes infectious energy, making it superbly engaging and inherently feel-good. Blending modern pop elements with Tom’s singer-songwriter focus, this is the case of a track that achieves that modern perfect pop-infused harmony that captivates listeners all around.

Throughout the song, Tom masterfully creates breathing spaces, where the piano takes the spotlight, beautifully complementing the overall arrangement. The track gracefully builds momentum, showcasing a superb drum build-up that adds an irresistible allure to the composition. As the chorus unfolds, it becomes increasingly catchy, inviting listeners to sing along and get lost in its uplifting melody.

Trick of the Light” embodies a natural and inviting feel, leaving ample space for the heartfelt lyrics to be embraced and cherished with every listen. Co-written with Matt Hales, the song was born out of a burst of inspiration, encapsulating the magical feeling of meeting someone who seems out of this world. Sonically inspired by War On Drugs and Springsteen, it beautifully merges a wall-of-sound approach with synth elements, ensuring its potential to become another huge live hit for Tom Speight.


You got me high
Like the morning sun
Like a catapult ride
Like a starting gun
With one eye shut
And the other on you, on you
When the clock strikes ten
I was upside down
You message your friends
Saying don't come round
With one eye closed
And the other on me
On me, on me
Is this real? Or a trick of the light?
Oh the way you're making me feel, tonight
You got me high
Like the midnight sky
Let the chemicals rush
Let the fever rise
Guess you cast your spell
Right in front of my eyes
My eyes, my eyes
Is this real? Or a trick of the light?
Oh the way you're making me feel, tonight
Is this real? Or a trick of the light?
Oh the way you're making me feel
Is this real? Or a trick of the light?
Oh the way you're making me feel, tonight

About Tom Speight:

We are proud to say we featured Tom about 6 years ago when his debut EP was out (you can re-read it over here). Well, over 200 million streams and 1 million monthly listeners on all streaming platforms, later, we write about him again.

With heartfelt performances that resonate with fans worldwide, Tom Speight has forged meaningful connections in the music industry, landing coveted support slots with renowned artists like James Bay, Stereophonics, and Maisie Peters. As he gears up for his most significant UK headline tour to date, Tom’s music continues to captivate audiences with its emotional depth and authenticity.

Beyond his musical endeavours, Tom serves as an ambassador for Crohn’s & Colitis UK. Having lived with Crohn’s disease since 2016 and embraced life with a stoma since 2012, he courageously shared his journey and what he fondly calls his “superpower”.

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