Tropez wants you to “Slow It Down”

Take a break and let Tropez's latest single slow it down for you on this catchy nu-disco masterpiece!

Tropez emerges as the culmination of a remarkable 15-year journey within the mainstream music scene. The artist has graced illustrious stages, performing at renowned festivals such as Hangout Fest, Life is Beautiful, Sundance, Made in America, and an extensive array of others. A perpetual sense of being an outsider has permeated their experiences, and while efforts are underway to address this through therapeutic support, the impact is bound to resonate within their musical creations. Tropez compositions are poised to reflect the contemporary world’s climate, characterized by rapid technological advancement, alongside the profound influence of parenthood, which has inundated their notepad with poignant words eagerly awaiting melodic companionship.

Crafted under the skillful production of acclaimed GRAMMY award-winning producer Ben H. Allen III, “Slow It Down“, the captivating new song from Tropez, emerges from the creative depths of Maze Studios in Atlanta, GA. Serving as the first single from Tropez‘s highly anticipated debut album, this release sets the stage for an exciting musical journey to come.

In addition to this remarkable single, Tropez has also contributed an official remix of St. Lucia’s “Gimme The Night” and collaborated with various artists as a talented topline writer for Vitalic Noise’s esteemed publishing arm, Loosechange. These collaborative efforts showcase Tropez‘s versatility and artistic prowess. With a global vision in mind, the distribution and marketing of Tropez‘s music, including this compelling track and forthcoming singles, will be expertly handled by Music Gateway, a renowned institution based in London, England. Furthermore, MOVIDA Musica will provide invaluable support for Tropez‘s artistic endeavors in the vibrant music landscape of Latin America.