Discovering the Unknown: The Journey of Aurus in “Still Alive”

Music for the heart and soul. Meet Aurus.

Adventure, passion and survival.

They all seem like loose words, without a direct connection between them. But on deeper reflection, we can connect the meaning of each: whether it’s the ambition, irreverence and culture of discovering the unknown, coupled with our need to eventually do so to be able to withstand all the challenges our lives hold.

There are times when we feel lost, unaccompanied or with a lack clear vision of what the future has for us. This is when we wake up, when we feel when we realise that we have to take risks, get out of our comfort zone and eventually out of our principles. It is time to fight for our survival, and it is with this motto that we present the incredible Aurus project. Stay with it.

Aurus is Bastien Picot – and Bastien Picot is Aurus. From Reunion Island to the world, his life, culture, friendliness and mystery intersect with our lives like a charm. And it is with this desire that we delight in the song “Still Alive”, one of his most recent works that combines his immense musical talent with a music video that makes the greatest international film productions jealous.

Still Alive gets into your head like a sigh: the song tries to capture all the obstacles the artist had to deal with depression and all the shadows it casts on your life, your hope and belief. And his artwork enters us raw and hard, to show how alive we are and how grateful we should be for not having this disease and haunting in our life: instead, we have Aurus and his tremendous talent, with an angelic voice and a stoic instrumental, growing in an epic way, from our ears, through our body, to the incredible vibration of our soul.

We feel alive, believing and hopeful: and it is with Aurus’ pain that we walk towards our happiness. Still Alive is a masterpiece, worthy of its name. A WtMM recommendation.

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