SABRINA G returns with an electro-pop bomb spreading high hopes

A true gem that effortlessly combines catchy melodies, electronic elements, and a touch of complexity.

SABRINA G’s (the alter ego of Sabrina Gunston) new track is a captivating one! “High Hopes (Blue For You)” delves into the delicate balance between following one’s head and heart. As it is her nature, this is an energetic track that grabs your attention from the very beginning, with electrifying guitars and breathy vocals weaving seamlessly together. The chorus, with its unforgettable hook “I’ll be blue for you” resonates in your mind long after the song fades out. But probably what sets the song apart the most is the masterful production that gradually adds layers, drawing you deeper into its intricate electronic network even when it starts slow and looks simple. The vocals remain at the forefront at all times, even when intentionally whispered, showcasing SABRINA G‘s ability to make them the central focal point. As the song progresses, there is a subtle build-up that eventually explodes in the chorus, creating a dynamic and mesmerizing effect. With clear inspirations from artists like Billie Eilish, FKA Twigs, Rosie Lowe, or James Blake, “High Hopes (Blue For You)” is a true gem that effortlessly combines catchy melodies, electronic elements, and a touch of complexity.

Within the track, holds a delightful surprise as it seemingly presents two different choruses (the two song titles). This clever twist adds an intriguing element, keeping the listener engaged throughout the song’s journey and experiencing two different central moments. The simplicity at the start gradually unveils the complexity of the electronic network surrounding it, demonstrating the mastery of the production. Amidst this intricate arrangement, the guitar elements in the chorus stand out as mesmerizing and unusual, adding an enchanting and unexpected dimension to the track. Sabrina’s ability to balance these elements showcases her musical prowess and highlights the versatility of her songwriting.


Seen as an extraordinary Indie Pop sensation hailing from the UK, SABRINA G has certainly been making waves with recent appearances on esteemed BBC Radio shows like “Introducing The South” and “Danny Pike”, as well as live performances on “Introducing Radio” and at Brighton’s renowned “Great Escape” festival. Her ability to seamlessly blend smooth electronica with uplifting themes and warm vocals has caught the attention of both listeners and Spotify, landing her single “Drive” on an Editorial Playlist and featuring as a result on Glastonbury Festival’s prestigious “Emerging Talent Longlist” in 2022. The capacity to sound sensual and relevant while powerful and subtle puts her on the shortlist as an artist to keep an eye on this year too.

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