Pine Barons remembering “Summer One”

Like something we saw a long time ago, "Summer One" is about how it feels rather than how it was.

I already told you part of this story but it is never enough to repeat it. Pine Barons, a band known for their unique and experimental, cool (very cool!) sound. They released their debut album “The Acchin Book” in 2017 which incorporated unconventional instruments and recording techniques, resulting in diverse moods and textures. It received acclaim for its complex arrangements and metaphorical lyrics that delved into perplexing subject matters. Their follow-up effort, “Mirage on the Meadow“, released in 2020, explored themes of human connection, impermanence, and the inevitability of death. This psychedelic indie rock album embraced the uncertainty of the pandemic era while maintaining a hopeful outlook. During the mixing process, frontman Keith Abrams discovered and became enamored with the music of Japanese band Fishmans. Inspired by their dream pop and psychedelic rock sound, Abrams created the tribute album “I LOVE FISH“, featuring English interpretations of the late Shinji Sato’s lyrics. This heartfelt tribute showcases Pine Barons‘ own unique arrangements. The project highlights the universal beauty of music and the band’s deep connection to Sato’s voice and artistry. Meanwhile we had “Frantic Francis” and I fell in love with this US trio.

Now, and out since late June, “Summer One” explores the transient nature of happiness, leaving imprints in our memories. Over time, some of those cherished moments may have been affected, with pages dampened and ink smudged, making it challenging to decipher all the words. Nevertheless, the gaps are filled in as best as possible, drawing upon personal interpretation to complete the narrative. Psychedelic but soft and friendly, “Summer One” feels itself like a memory, with distinctive, clear and vivid elements, clouded by some more distorted ones.

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