May Payne’s stuck “Between The Lines”

Beautiful, young and tragic,"Between The Lines" is the very relatable teen love story we all share as humans.

Hailing from Manchester, May Payne is a talented singer-songwriter who, at just 20 years old, has already made a mark in the music scene. Combining intelligent songwriting with a captivating live-band sound, Payne‘s music offers a harmonious blend of heartfelt lyrics and rich musical arrangements.

At the tender age of 17, May penned “Between The Lines“, a poignant ballad that expressed her longing for someone already committed to another. The song was produced and released by the very person it was about, whom she eventually entered into a relationship with. However, after discovering his infidelity, May made the decision to remove the song from streaming platforms several months later.

After years of introspection, May now approaches this song with a fresh perspective and a transformed sound. It has evolved into an empowering anthem, serving as her bold expression of frustration towards the agonising limbo between friendship and something more. With a resounding “fuck you“, May channels her emotions through this captivating track, leaving no room for ambiguity or compromise.

About May Payne:

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