Bathe Alone stands on “Missionary Ridge”

Find out what's on the top of Bathe Alone's latest and highly dreamy release, "Missionary Ridge"

Bathe Alone emerged as the creative outlet for Atlanta-based multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone in 2018. Collaborating with producer Damon Moon, they recognised the potential in Crone’s distinctive fusion of punk-inspired drumming, meandering synths, and ethereal guitar drenched in delay. With a background in classical training and previous experience performing in various indie bands across Georgia’s music scene since her teenage years, Crone has found a renewed sense of trust and confidence in her voice as Bathe Alone. Her haunting vocals gracefully navigate through atmospheric and hazy melodies, drawing comparisons to dream-pop luminaries such as Beach House and Alvvays, as well as the revered shoegaze pioneers Cocteau Twins.

Following their debut LP, “Last Looks“, released in 2021, Bathe Alone has continued to evolve their mesmerising sound on their latest offering, “Fall With The Lights Down“. The creative journey of this album began with the writing process of the standout track, “Missionary Ridge“. Showcasing a powerful yet balanced percussion, the song weaves Crone’s velvety vocals into a captivating tapestry of harmonies, accentuated by a surge of resonating guitar. With “Missionary Ridge“, Bathe Alone demonstrates their ability to elevate their swirling sound to new heights, leaving listeners immersed in a sonic experience that is both enchanting and impactful.

Crone also told us: “This is one of my favourite songs on the record. It’s all total nostalgia, taking me back to my grandparent’s house in Chattanooga. Some of my memories growing up there were of such mundane things, but as I grow older, I’ve realised how important those memories are. My hope with this song was to pay tribute to that place and those times that feel so far away now. I worked with some close friends, Nic Huey and Paula Harding, to create a video that sort of captures the feeling of looking back on those memories as an adult“.

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