Sylvan Weekends will make you not forget this Summer

Relive the essence of summer with sylvan weekends' catchy folk-pop anthem

Foolhardy (I will never forget this summer)” is the strange name for the new track by Sylvan Weekends. And a beautiful combination of folk and pop that captures the essence of the best summer memories.

The song takes you back to that exhilarating time of anticipation and butterflies when the world seemed to collide with endless possibilities. With its infectious melody and charming lyrics, it invites you to relive those moments and join the band in their current excitement. The track seamlessly blends banjo and synth arpeggios, creating a whirlwind of sound that lifts you into the clouds. The unison vocals evoke the intensity of a summer romance, while the gentle variations in the music keep you on the edge of your seat, pushing the limits of your comfort zone without you noticing it. The repetition in the song is used marvellously, adding to its catchiness and making it impossible to resist tapping your foot along (at a bare minimum). It’s a feel-good anthem that reminds us of Fleetwood Mac’s timeless tracks and its spot-on vocal melodies are simply adorable.

Not only does the song captivate our ears, but the accompanying music video is equally captivating. The dancing is as contagious, if not more so, than the track itself. As a listener, it’s hard not to be drawn in by the energetic and infectious dance moves, leaving you with an irresistible urge to stand up and join the fun. “Foolhardy (I will never forget this summer)” is undeniably catchy, with a contagious melody that stays with you long after the song ends. Its simplicity and gentle variations in complexity make it accessible to a wide range of listeners, while never losing focus on its irresistible and gorgeous melody. This track is a standout in its genre, and easily, for us, one of the most beautiful songs we’ve listened all year long.

About Sylvan Weekends:

Sylvan Weekends (already featured here) emerged from a legendary night that brought together three friends with diverse musical backgrounds. In a rustic cabin surrounded by nature, they shared candles, wine, and instruments, immersing themselves in music and conversation. As they discovered their shared love for certain bands and exchanged stories and ideas, a unique and complementary sound emerged. This marked the birth of Sylvan Weekends, a band that blends Matthew’s folk influences, Freya’s instrumental-electro vibes, and Daniel’s rock background. With unified vocals from Matthew and Freya, their nostalgic tones resonate with emotional depth. Synths and inventive percussion drive their songs, creating an irresistible urge to move. While assigning a specific genre may be challenging for us and them, rest assured that their tunes will find a permanent place in your head.

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