Little Warrior’s latest is here – listen to “Quick to Give”

Little Warrior, inspired by her Brazilian background, skilfully combines trip-hop, Brazilian rhythms, and Neo Soul in her captivating new song "Quick to Give."

Little Warrior, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, is an immensely talented singer-songwriter-producer who now calls Los Angeles home. Her captivating vocals, reminiscent of celestial harmonies, intertwine harmoniously with mesmerising electronic rhythms, crafting a captivating soundscape that seamlessly blends elements of trip-hop and chill-wave genres. Driven by a deep admiration for cinema, midnight voyages, and nostalgic romance, Little Warrior‘s music forms a harmonious alliance with the world of film and television. Her enchanting compositions have graced the soundtracks of numerous blockbuster movies, with two extraordinary moments where she herself appeared on screen as Little Warrior, delivering mesmerizing performances.

Drawing upon her Brazilian heritage, Little Warrior masterfully weaves together a vibrant fusion of trip-hop, Brazilian rhythms, and Neo Soul in her compelling track “Quick to Give“. This captivating blend creates a captivating cross-section of genres that showcases both her musical versatility and deep connection to her cultural roots. Softly singing between the beat’s highs and lows, Little Warrior‘s “Quick to Give” is a lovely, passionate and involving alt-pop piece with a bit of that ol’ good lo-fi taste which brings everything together.

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